Achieving Goals and Creating Experiences!

My name is Rebecca. I am 26 years old and originally from Germany, coming to the UK to study.
Through study and practical experience I achieved my initial goal of becoming a Student Paramedic. I
am now at the start of my dream career.

Volunteering is something I have always had a passion for. My previous experiences of volunteering
here in an affluent “rich” country has often made me think of how it would be to work with
countries who are not as fortunate. I feel very fortunate in that I can open a fridge and help myself
to a variety of good quality foods. I can turn a tap on, switch a light on, without a worry. We all see
documentaries and adverts on the television, showing starvation and deprivation, of people who
have no choice other than trying to survive daily. This has always triggered something in me,
particular in the last few years where I’ve become more aware of people in need, and this is where
my passion for humanitarian work comes from.

I understand Tanzania has limited medical facilities, which is in stark contrast to those available in
the western world. To visualize a working environment without documenting or controlling every
single step or task we undertake will be quiet refreshing, after experiencing working with the NHS
where each cup of tea is recorded. Also the use and distribution of medication and equipment is an
eye opener. After the research I have done and discussions with my mentors it is still unimaginable
to understand that one world can have many different standards.

I want to help in Tanzania, and I want to learn and contribute in some small way, in doing so achieve
something, anything, hopefully to improve conditions there. As a Volunteer medic I believe this
would give me that opportunity to do so. Flying together with a selected team of people I have never
met before makes it even more interesting.

Volunteering will also give me an amazing opportunity of experiencing different cultures and work
together alongside them. I appreciate that it will be hard work, and I know I will learn about living
with the bare minimum. Who knows where this will lead me in the future!
Yes, money will be hard to raise but not impossible. I will also have experience of collecting
information and planning how to get there, the work has already begun, for a short trip that’s still
ages away.

I hope to get some great experiences. I don’t really know what to expect but look forward to the